Pacific Ridge Capital Partners, LLC ("PRCP") is a registered institutional investment adviser founded in June 2010. We are an independent, employee-owned firm with a long-tenured and cohesive investment team who brings over 100 years of industry experience to our firm and to benefit our clients. 

PRCP’s investment staff is comprised of former members of the Benson Value Team from Wells Capital Management. Prior to that, several members worked together at Benson Associates, LLC as far back as 1996. Our investment strategies (Small and Micro Cap Value) are the same tested strategies that our investment team successfully managed together in the past.  Our motivation for establishing PRCP was to return to an independent, employee-owned environment.

Our mission is to achieve a high standard of excellence in all that we do. For our clients, we strive to provide superior investment results and client service. For our employees, we maintain a professional culture that is supportive and motivating, fosters and rewards high performance and creates meaningful career opportunities.