Blount International, Inc. Supporting Documents 

The Board of Blount International, Inc. is not acting in the best interest of shareholders by accepting a $10 deal price. The following documentation supports that stance.

Press Release - Pacific Ridge Rejects Blount International's $10 Stock Buyout Price As an Insider Deal
Our press release publicizing our stance against this deal

Exhibit 1 - Pacific Ridge Letter to the Board of Blount (December 15, 2015) 
Our letter to the Board explaining why we are against this deal

Exhibit 2 - Agreement and Plan of Merger (8-K filed December 10, 2015) 
Filing of the merger agreement.

Exhibit 3 - Frequently Asked Questions (DEFA14A filed December 10, 2015) 
Filing referenced in our letter to the Board

Exhibit 4 - Pacific Ridge Valuation of Blount (December 15, 2015) 
How we get to $16

Exhibit 5 - Presentation at William Blair Conference (June 11, 2015) 
Page 8 demonstrates management's profitability forecast for 2018